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Event Process Method

Each event is unique and special. Because all of the events are individually adapted to your wishes, something new is added every time and every event follows his own orange thread. On the basis of our knowledge and experiences, we developed our own event process method EPM-5, which divides the events into 5 segments.

Defining Goals and Objectives

Prior to starting planning, we first set good foundations for the event. At this first level of the process we determine, what the objective of the event is and what goals we wish to accomplish. At this step, a thorough and oriented informative dialogue with the customer is of key importance.

In the second step we start with careful and smart planning and development of the idea into a perfect concept of the event. Planning of the event covers the following fields: counseling at the organization of the event, implementation of project schedule, financial planning, help with the selection of the event site, site inspection, planning the course of the event, networking with business partners etc. We connect everything with an orange thread of ideas. We can organize the entire event or just determine individual segments – the best results are obtained when we work together.

In the implementation phase we start up all the ideas and plans. A well prepared plan leaves less space for unpredictable events. If they occur nevertheless, we are always well prepared thanks to our method of work.
Before and during the event we take care of the communication with the participants, public, suppliers and partners, we assure a smooth course and implementation of the event, reception of the participants, we organize and monitor the transfers, provide support and escort staff, we coordinate the event and make sure that everything is under control.

It's a wrap! We still continue to work. In this phase we prepare a summary of the event, the acknowledgements and on your wish we continue to communicate with the participants. We share the materials that were made during the event – audio, video, photo etc. - with you and the participants of your event.


When it comes to recurring events, we strive for constant improvements; we try to make every event better than the last one. During the last phase of our method we gather the information for the preparation of next related event. This information consists of feedback, measuring customer satisfaction and overview of obtained goals. The environmental impact assessment is also a part of our evaluation. On the basis of all this information we prepare the suggestions for improvement.

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