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Discover the legends of the Mokrice castle

In the 16th century Slovenia and Croatia bore witness to the famous peasant revolts. The inhabitants of the castle cruelly oppressed the villagers with the help of mercenaries and tortured the peasants in castle dungeons and towers. On January 25th 1573 the famous leader of the Slovenian and Croatian revolt Ambrož Matija Gubec was supposedly brought to the castle and thrown into the prison. The leader was supposedly only questioned, yet the tales of the villagers hint at a different truth of the last days of a man who was killed by quartering in Zagreb on February 15th 1573.

The goal of your team is to find the truth about this legend with the help of clues, tasks and secret hiding places. Was the leader of the revolt Matija Gubec really imprisoned and tortured at the castle? Who was really killed in Zagreb? When you untangle the ancient secret you will discover the truth about the prisoners and the head of the revolts. Team building activities of the program will reveal all these and much more about Roman and medieval legends of the castle.

This themed treasure hunt is taking place at a location perfect for this topic, which adds authenticity.


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