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The symbol of Radenci, a home to many thermal and mineral springs, are three hearts. The healing properties of the mineral water were discovered in the 19th century. With many sunny days and healing waters Radenci bring optimism and vitality to your life.

Moravske toplice

If you choose to travel to Prekmurje don’t expect an urban environment! This is a world which kept its primary and original elements. The charming nature, the remains of Pannonian architecture, traditional craft products, excellent culinary art, wines and unforgettable hospitality of the locals, are just some of the impressions of Prekmurje, which will stay with you for a long time.


Čatež is an attractive tourist destination with a varied tourist offer. They are the largest Slovenian natural spa – a thermal heaven for 365 days a year. After a long day relax by playing golf near castle Mokrice, visit the sauna park, wellness centre... only 20 minutes from Zagreb.

Olimje, Rogaška Slatina

An oasis of peace in the fast paced world. Olimje and Rogaška Slatina are two of the oldest and most important tourist locations in Slovenia. The deciding factor of tourist development is the spa and related activities still on offer today. Healing springs, mineral water and one of the oldest preserved monastic pharmacies in Europe. The offer is rounded up by home-made chocolate, beer, golf course and the meetings industry...


On the border with Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, on the peak of the chicken’s beak, there is Lendava. In the past the Amber trail passed Lendava, nowadays the city is market by thermal springs, paraffin waters, excellent gastronomy, wines, cycling, fresh air...

Experience a city with 800-years of tradition where each soul finds something soothing.


Laško is a land of spas, beer and flowers. It’s a pleasant town situated by the Savinja River. Special natural gifts, rich cultural and historic heritage and a lively whole-year cultural, sports and tourist pulse are the best assets of Laško.

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