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Portorož and Piran

Portorož is a seaside town. With its more than 100 years long tradition in tourism, is nowadays becoming a very popular and recognized MICE destination. It offers a range of different hotel accommodation, modern conference facilities, numerous events` venues, delicious cuisine, relaxation facilities, cultural events and entertainment options. Besides all this, Portorož is characterized by the short distances between all the venues, which allow visitors to reach all the activities, business, social or cultural sites on foot.

Its fantastic location amid the lush Mediterranean vegetation, palm trees, roses, sea, wind and the scent of salt, completes the perfect scenery to organize a number of events and activities. Converging cultures, diverse music, nature, gastronomic delights and rich history set up a perfect atmosphere that stimulate work energy, make forget the everyday stress and help relax. And all mentioned is enhanced by the spectacular view over the sea right from the congress halls.

And then there is Piran. The lovely Mediterranean town with a rich cultural heritage, that lies at the tip of the Piran peninsula, near Portorož. Salt pans, nice climate, maritime trade and commerce with the hinterland made Piran powerful and wealthy. The old town center, which is still perfectly preserved, is characterized by the stony narrow streets, compact houses, historical and religious buildings, beautiful Venetian palaces, lively squares, numerous museums and galleries, ancient town walls, recently reopened aquarium and delicious restaurants. Furthermore, Piran is a place of culture, as there are various musical, cultural and theatre performances scheduled all year round. Events like Piran Musical Evenings, International artist`s Extempore, Primorska Summer Festival and the exhibition of Christmas cribs in Piran churches give the town a special charm. Those curious and desirous to learn something new could visit different museums and galleries or just wonder around lovely shops, Fruit and vegetables market or the Antiquities fair at the renovated Tartini square, which is named after the renowned violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, who was born in Piran.


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