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Planning for the Future - iDMC cycle meeting in Belgrade

11. Feb 2015

When searching for some fresh ideas and creative solutions, iDMC knows how important it is to choose the right environment. A place that will stimulate and invigorate the team to the point it will be bursting with energy and inspiration.

iDMC spent a couple of very productive days in their office in Belgrade, making plans for the Q1 and Q2, meeting its partners and reinforcing its network.
The passionate pulse of the city and the genuine hospitality of its people make every visit of Belgrade a great experience that fills you with pleasant impressions and allows you to bring home only good memories (and tasty souvenirs ...).
iDMC is now powered with a killing action plan and an intense activity schedule that will be operating throughout the year, aiming at achieving ambitious results and positive growth on all levels. The conclusion is unanimous; Belgrade is indeed a great environment for strategic meetings that seek the right mixture of excitement and tranquility. Optimal team performance guaranteed.  

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