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These web sites contain materials that are subject to copyright. The participating authors or other copyright holders keep the rights to distribution and reproduction. The persons reproducing or redistributing this information are expected to respect the conditions and obligations requested by authors and holders of copyrights. Copyright materials can still be quoted and used bona fide, in compliance with the copyright regulations, which generally allow the use for non-commercial educational purposes such as studying, research, critique, news and reporting.

Legal notice of the web site www.idmc.eu

All rights of all web sites www.idmc.eu are reserved. All the information and materials in writing and pictures are in legally allowed frame subject to copyright or other form of protection of intelectual property of the company iDMC d. o. o. and/or STO and of the web site www.slovenia.info, which iDMC is using on their website with permission.
Authors of used photographs: J. Skok, D. Mladenovič, D. Wedam, B. Jakse, S. Jersic, M. Staples, E. Kase, B. Kladnik, M. Vranič, A. Fevžer, Bobo, U. Trnkoczy, Lenarčič, M. Petrej, LTO Kranjska gora, M. Kunšič, K. Kunaver, T. Reisner, Arhiv Postojnske jame, T. Bernik.

It is prohibited to copy, multiply or in some other way reproduce the information and materials published on the web sites www.idmc.eu for commercial purposes without explicit written consent of the company iDMC d. o. o.
The company iDMC d. o. o. reserves the right to change the legal notice at any time and the users are automatically bound to respect the changed content at any time of use.

Privacy and protection of personal information

The company iDMC d. o. o. respects and protects your privacy. You are anonymous when you browse our web sites.

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