EVENT: 3-day international congress of nurses (600 participants from 14 countries)
CHALLENGE: How to entertain 600 ladies, showing them the city's best spots, taking them to dinner and making them feel special?

iDMC's SOLUTION: The iDMC's signature program - My umbrella can turn into a balloon!
This special Ljubljana incentive program, inspired by the famous Slovenian fairytale, offered a fresh and fun approach for discovering the most beautiful (and magic!) spots of Ljubljana. Participants were divided in 30 groups and given different tasks to perform across Ljubljana. The program led each group to one of the 11 city restaurants which cater for the event and at the end of their journey they all gathered at the Ljubljana Castle where they made their wishes fly into the sky and continue with the entertaining program. Pure magic!

EVENT: Meeting of a French pharmaceutical company (200 participants from France)
CHALLENGE: How to create a tailor made team building program which will reflect the company's values?

IDMC'S SOLUTION: A themed boat trip from Portoro┼ż to Piran with customized extras
Based on the company's 4 values iDMC prepared a special program with tasks which were closely connected to the pharmaceutical industry but still incorporating the local spirit of the Mediterranean environment. Besides learning to make real sailing knots and carefully deal with fishing nets, they had to make their own raft and search for the treasure under the water. And then, of course, use the ingredients of the treasure to make their own healing potion.... as any decent sailor does. Besides having a lot of fun, participants were also able to test their creativity, team spirit and enjoy all the beauties the city of Piran has to offer. A remarkable tailored made experience that surely will not be forgotten.


EVENT: 4-day congress of a Russian pharmaceutical company (500 participants from Russia)
CHALLENGE: How to organise the travel of 500 people from Russia to Slovenia with a regular airline, organise the transfers, visas, accommodation and business meetings in 21 meeting rooms?

IDMC'S SOLUTION: With a professional attitude, persistence and perseverance. The result is 4 airplanes, 12 coaches and 500 happy participants.
iDMC was in charge of all the travel arrangements for the group, including the visa organisation. The event required liaisons with the airline company Adria Airways in order to organise the trip for all 500 participants on the same day with a regular line! Then all the rest followed; transfers by coaches from the airport to different hotels, the smooth running of all business meetings which took up all the congress capacities of the venue (21 meeting rooms), catering, evening entertainment etc... It was an interesting experience that once again proved that it is essential to be well prepared, well organised and with a good professional attitude in order to deliver an event that meets the high standards of your client.


EVENT: 3-day conference of a UK medical company, with incentive programs and off/site gala dinner (30 participants from UK)
CHALLENGE: How to 'save' your event when everything you have planned is suddenly undoable due to bad weather?

iDMC SOLUTION: iDMC knows that in crucial times good connections and a strong network of local partners are priceless.
Every planed activity was undoable due to weather. During the days of the event Bled experienced snow blizzard, icy roads and extreme wind. All organized activities were cancelled just minutes before they should start. In situation like this iDMC has its secret weapon ... good connections with local partners. Just minutes prior to departure of the group Ski center informed us they will be closing for the day because of the snow blizzard. With a quick reaction iDMC managed to organize an indoor bowling incentive and the participants were thrilled. The gala dinner at the Bled Castle was also saved because iDMC got bulk snow shoes for all the participant and good coordination with public services to keep the roads cleaned. Yes, it is true. In challenging situations you need to be flexible and with good numbers in your mobile phone.


EVENT: 5-day conference for a Russian automobile company (81 participants from Russia)
CHALLENGE: How to take participants to Bled's Island when they are not allowed to go to the Island due to safety reasons?

SOLUTION: Teleportation, of course!
iDMC took care of the business part of the event and also of the entertainment, transfers, visas, accommodation, trips and excursions around Slovenia. iDMC also organized the very special gala dinner with an exceptional entertaining program: performance of medieval dances, an acrobatic show and a live jazz concert, finishing up with a DJ for the late hours. A truly spectacular evening that left a lasting impression in the participants. However, what blown away them completely was the iDMC genius idea of teleportation ... Due to strict safety precautions participants were not allowed to go to the Bled's Island and many of them were quite disappointed. So iDMC decided to use a little bit of magic and to get them to the Island anyway, but without taking any risks. They were given special requisites and asked to pose in front of a green background while a photographer was taking pictures of them. They didn't quite understand why are they doing it but the surprise came at lunch time. Each of them was given his very own picture, featuring him on the island of Bled. A little bit of photoshop and a good sense of humour to raise the level of good mood and great fun! And they had the proof that they were on the Island of Bled...


EVENT: 4-day conference of Russian sales managers of an automobile company (120 participants from Russia)
CHALLENGE: How to make the visit of the most popular Slovenian cave exclusive and memorable?

SOLUTION: With a jazz concert and traditional drinks in the most beautiful chamber of the cave. iDMC does everything with style.
The participants were really looking forward to visit the Postojna cave but they had no idea that they will remember it not only after the natural beauty of the cave but also because of the small surprise not everyone is able to experience. iDMC went the extra mile and organise an exclusive tour for the participants, with their own train and a very special surprise in the cave! When participants stepped into the concert chamber of the cave, there was a musician playing the sax and traditional aperitifs were served. A small underground reception was the cheery on the top of their stay and they just could not stop talking about it at their farewell. Striving to exceed the expectations is what makes iDMC different from any other event agency.

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