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Ideas in June


Emerald experience

When I talk to my industry colleagues I usually do not have time or courage to speak about Soča valley. It is always about Ljubljana, Bled, Portorož and Spas. Why? How can it be skipped at all?

Although it is well known among lovers of active sports it is somehow forgotten as a MICE destination. It should not be so. With its rich recent history and wide range of incentive possibilities it is top destination to indulge all your senses. Pictures can not show you all the majesty of mighty mountains while listening to emerald river that you can drink from the stream. I'm always amazed about the honest attitude, professionalism and culinary creativity of local people. Once you are in Slovenia it is a crime not to escape to this marvelous valley at least for a day. It is a queen of pure Alpine experience.

Gregor Levič




10 years of IMEX

In May 2012 IMEX celebrated their 10th anniversary. This award-winning trade show had 21% rise in number of individual buyer appointments with exhibitors. Slovenia was also part of it.



How adrenaline looks like?

If you read our blog you know that we were in adrenaline park. Now the photos are available on our FB page! ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Bled Experience - active team building program

Become part of Slovenian tradition and experience the best of what Bled has to offer.

Fresh alpine air, island with the church in the glacier lake, breathtaking view from Bled castle and hearty smiles of the locals could be the scenery of your next incentive event.

Bled Experience is an active program which will allow you to explore Bled in a unique way. Enjoy rowing in characteristic Pletna boat while gliding towards the treasure Island. This active program will offer you a different kind of Bled. Row, enjoy, taste and experience Bled!

We have prepared a great offer for you in colaboration with Hotel Golf**** so do not hesitate to contact us at info@idmc.eu and ask for 'iDMC Bled Experience'.


Soča Valley - valley of legends

River Soča is known for its colour and for it is also called “The Emerald Beauty” as one of the rare world rivers that obtain it’s colour throughout 138 km of it’s length. It’s source lies in Trenta Valley in Julian Alps up in the northwest of Slovenia and just a few meters lower it continues it’s way into a gorgeous 10 m waterfall.

In the unspoilt natural surroundings of the crystal clear river there are numerous opportunities for relaxation and regeneration of your energies by visiting the 14 points where chosen river rocks are carefully placed to enhance the flow of energy. Each point has it’s own healing power.

As an alternative, a great contrast to the tranquil fishing or horse back riding experience you can also fulfil your adrenalin desire with sports like rafting, canoing, cliff climbing, paragliding, mountain cycling or even caving. Soča is one of the most popular world famous locations for hydrospeed.

As well the region was filmed for the 2008 Disney production of ‘Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’. It was latter described as the “strikingly beautiful Soča river in the Slovenian mountains”.

Unique natural beauties are hidden in our small country among mountains and we will show you the best of it all! 


WWI: Last Battle of the Soča river - historical treasure hunt


The Soča valley is a beautiful valley that has survived one of the world’s greatest horrors: the World War I. In a narrow valley, on the both sides of the river, Slovenian guys were fighting Italians in a long and exhausting battle. A first lieutenant, named Erwin Rommel, was writing a diary during the war. He wrote: “In the silence of the night we cross the river Soča and set up camp on the other bank. The soldiers are tired yet motivated. What was that?!?! We have been attacked, we’re surrounded...”

What happened next? All we know is that they have won after 12 long days, stating: “The soldiered are thrilled about the captured Italians. I have ordered some extra rum for them. They have deserved it. In the next few days we make our way to Pijava.”

Your task is to retrieve the story of those 12, the stormiest days of the war. In the maze of bunkers, caverns and trenches that soldiers used for protection and as their housing, you will uncover the secrets and tricks that were used by soldiers to outrun outnumbered Italian forces. They provide great coverage and are a promise for a great experience for you and your team. Are you ready to dig into the mystery of this historical event and to uncover the hidden? But be careful, the hunter may quickly become the hunted!

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