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Ideas in July


Quality over quantity

When it comes to wine, one of my favourite places in Slovenia is Goriska brda district, which belongs to Primorska wine region (could be translated "by the sea"). Coming from the north, the Alpine environment slowly transforms to the submediterranean and you notice the difference in climate, architecture, people... This is the home of tousands of vineyards and hundreds of wine makers who daily take care of their precious vine plants, fruit trees, bees and homes. You easily feel at home at any house welcoming you with products which grow just few meters away. 

Excellent geographical position with many sunny days give exceptional conditions for vines combined with professional care results in world top quality wines. And not to forget, wine tasting is really a personal matter. With numerous titles of wines and hundreds of cellars there is almost no chance not to find your beloved bottle. 

The area of Goriska brda is not ment for massive wine production, so you can hardly find it on the shelf. Most of the wine is consumed locally. And this is one more reason why you should take time to discover this little piece of heaven on Earth.

Gregor Levič



iDMC summer

Summer is usually the time when we take some time-off, enjoy and relax, go explore new things. This is exactly what we are going to do! We will explore new things make new plans and return to your inbox with refreshed newsletter in September. Meanwhile you can still follow us on Facebook.

Enjoy your summer!


My umbrella can turn into a balloon

In the end of May Ljubljana was chosen for the host city of the annual event that attracts participants from all over the Europe. For the social part of the event of dine-around idea by Go.mice we implemented the idea of fairytale. The story was set upon fairytale My umbrella can turn into a balloon, written by well known slovenian author Ela Peroci.

On their journey over 600 participants experienced fairytale Ljubljana and it's main landmarks. The program concluded at Ljubljana Castle courtyard where each participant got a white balloon and at a certain point they all let them into the sky...

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Goriška Brda

One of many winegrowing regions of Slovenia is called Goriška Brda region.

Here some of the finest wines are produced. You will find autochthonous varieties that form an excellent accompaniment to the tasty local cuisine. You can sample them in hospitable wine cellars, at osmice 

(temporary wine shops), on farms and at characteristic local cultural events.

This charming and interesting area offers a vista of hills, churches, countless vineyards and orchards of cherries, peaches, apricots and figs. On a nice day the horizon opens onto the Adriatic Sea. It is the influence of the sea combined with the beneficial Mediterranean climate that nourishes the fertile soil on the flysch base. Nature plays an interesting part in many places of the Brda region; and working hand in hand with the locals it offers beautiful white, yellow and pink blossoms in spring, juicy fruits in summer and a magnificent game of colors in autumn.

The Brda region is a land with a turbulent history and an interesting present. On your way from village to village you may encounter evidence of rich, natural and cultural heritage. And strolling from village to village, from vineyard to vineyard is the best way to get the feel of the region and its specialties.  


Among vineyards and cellars

Step on the winding road that leads from cellar to cellar from vineyard to vineyard. It is entertaining outdoors program designed as a classic treasure hunt. It contains elements of hiking, orientation, teambuilding activities and wine tastings and knowledge.

After a short introduction you will set off for treasure hunt to find the hidden treasure. The participants can find the treasure only through teamwork and synergy of all members, since everyone is required to solve the tasks along the way. Only as a well tuned team they will be able to decipher a huge secret, which will reward them greatly.

This program is very rewarding – throughout the program it offers you tastings of high quality wine that differs from cellar to cellar, along with home-made cold cuts.

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