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Ideas in October


Ups and downs, ins and outs

October is always one of the busiest months at iDMC. It is the peak of summer plan implementation, full scale season for executing events, it is also a climax of marketing activities for trade shows and on the top this October we have moved to new offices. Together with our partners we are now in the middle of planning for events in Russia and the Russian partners are coming to Slovenia. It is also the time of intense communication with our prospective clients. It is the time of ups and downs and time of winning and losing. The parallel of high points and low points is the environment that surrounds us.

No matter if it is business or individual’s life there are ups and downs all around us. When it comes to nature in Slovenia you cannot miss, the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav (Three heads) with 2864 meters. On the other hand the lowest point is cave Čehi 2 with 1533 meters below sea level. Such a landscape gives enormous opportunities to travellers.

At iDMC we bring the most interesting spots to our incentive guests and seamlessly integrate it to the program 

Gregor Levič



Sweet new season

A sweet way to end September was with The international festival of sweets and sugar products at the Slovenian sea-side. Sweet paths included Sweet Slovenia,World and Istra. Sugar coated sweets were a terrific start of the new season for iDMC!


See you at EIBTM 2012

In November the 25th EIBTM show will open it's doors in Barcelona Spain. iDMC is going to attend the show for the second time this year.

Keep following us for more details about our show program!


140 years of cave rail-road

Postojna cave was the first cave in the world that you could see from a custom made train. It's been running since 1972 and has been modernised in between but nevertheless remains the Cave with the oldest railroad.


Bollywood in Slovenia

Slovenia was recently discovered by Bollywood filmmakers and thus chosen to be the Adriatic jewel of the Indian cinema. Filming was already done in Bled, Piran and Postojna cave. The mayor of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana gave the clap for the first scene. You can see the scenes in upcoming Telugu movie 'Nayak' directed by V.V. Vinayak.


Marvellous underground – Slovenian caves

Slovenia might be small in surface, but there is a lot hidden underneath it! Slovenia is a karstic land with more than 8000 caves and more being discovered every year. One of the biggest and most popular caves is Postojna Cave. This great tourist attraction is the best-known cave in the world – number of visitors already reached 34 million. To visit Postojna Cave one must embark cave train that takes you into the world of 20 kilometres of fantastic web of tunnels, passages, galleries, halls and chambers.

Another karstic pearl are Škocjan Caves that are one of the few caves in the world that are on the world natural and cultural heritage list kept by UNESCO.

But not every cave is the same! In Slovenia you can find what is considered to be one of the most beautiful highland caves in the Alps. Snežna cave or Snow cave offers you different experience of the cave. Mountainous scenery, the entrance through a sinkhole, an ice lake and ice sculptures, a rich decor of stalagmites and stalactites – all this elements make a visit to the cave unforgettable.

Caves are also great scenery for MICE events. Here you can have different exciting events like team buildings, shows, concerts and other special events – even weddings! And if you are a basketball fan then you already know that EuroBasket2013 draw will take place in the underground of Postojna Cave.


Journey to the Cetre of the Eartht

Deep in the cave unimagined treasures that are lying there for years now are hidden. You will go on your Journey to the centre of the Earth to hunt for treasure and explore Slovenian underground. Hike along the trail that is full of clues and challenges for your team; use hidden objects and instructions to first find the entrance to the underground world. Inside, a whole new world awaits.

Special team tasks, along with the beauty and exclusivity of the world of caves will make a huge impression on all team members. And the reward? Aside the experience-worth-remembering and stronger team bonds, the mysteries of the underground world will reward you with a chance to hear the silence and see the darkness. Do not forget to take your treasure!

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