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Ideas in November



I discovered Bohinj in my early school years when bike trips to this hidden gem in Julian Alps started to be popular. At that time cycling was not my favourite activity, but it happened somehow that I started to discover all the attractiveness of mountain biking. Observing from a time distance this phenomenon occurred for the reason that all the biking paths and surroundings were breathtaking.

Among the most picturesque is definitely mountain Vogel with the view on Mediterranean Sea on one hand and typical Alpine scenery with Lake Bohinj on the other. Furthermore not far away from Bohinj extends Pokljuka plateau known for its idyllic cross country terrains and biathlon facilities. Coming to facilities - in opinion of many clients one of the most attractive Slovenian hotels is situated in Bohinj.

Visiting to Bohinj it is not only about the nature and environment it is also about the people and customs. It is a place where you can become a part of tradition with cheese making folklore, Cows’ Ball, fishing festival and many more.

And speaking of the traditions iDMC will be present at the 25th EIBTM in Barcelona. I kindly welcome you to visit us at Slovenian stand J570. 

Gregor Levič



Meet us at EIBTM

EIBTM is back and so is iDMC! We are excited to greet you at our table, over at Slovenian stand J570. You are very welcome to contact us for a meeting directly through email info@idmc.eu or through online service at EIBTM website. And because we always double check our steps we think you would like to do the same and check us before booking a meeting. You can do that on our website or find us on Facebook or LinkedIn. And you are more than welcome to check our blog.

We are looking forward to meet you!


Presence on Russian MICE market

In beginning of November we revisited Moscow and introduced Slovenia to new potential clients. Together with our partners we organized two events at Slovenian Embassy in Moscow. Both events were well attended and had received good feedback.

You can read more about the events in our news section and find photos on our Facebook page.


Different FAM experience

In the end of October we hosted a special FAM tour. This time we decided to make everything much more individual and different. We invited just a few decision makers from the agencies and showed them charms, energy and hospitality that Slovenia offers.

From eco oriented Bohinj Park Eko Hotel and breath-taking Alps, alpine pearl Bled to boutique experience in Kranj. All impressions were followed by coffee with mayor of Ljubljana and continued at Slovenian coast.

It was all made possible by our partners: Hotel Park Eko Bohinj, Žičnice Vogel Bohinj, Sava hoteli Bled, Hotel Actum, Gostinstvo Jezeršek, Turizem Bled, Turizem Ljubljana, Lifeclass Hotels and Spa, Marina Portorož, Kempinski Palace Portorož, Bernardin hotel Group.


Charmed in Piran

This summer a new team-bonding experience was developed by the iDMC's group of trainers. Our program takes place in the charming town of Piran. Challenge consists of 6 different tasks, located all around the city center. lift your team spirit with medieval bowling, fisherman's knots, message in a bottle...

To book your 'Charms of Piran' contact iDMC Team.


Bohinj - Inspired by nature

Bohinj is one of the most beautiful places in the heart of the Julian Alps and in Triglav National Park.

The myth about origin of Bohinj goes like this: 'God was giving land to people and as he finished he realized that he had forgotten about a small group of people, who were silent and didn't hustle like the others. Because of their modesty and patience he felt pity for them. That is why he decided to give them the most beautiful land of them all, which he had spared for himself. It's called Bohinj, because we call God "Boh" '.

The natural beauty of high mountains, green forests, and beautiful mountain pastures and meadows, the cultural and historical monuments, and the friendly villages and towns guarantee visitors a pleasant stay in Bohinj.

Bohinj with its surroundings is truly a paradise for actively spent free time. In winter the valley becomes a winter sports center with activities such as skiing, ice skating, ice climbing, snowshoeing, snow running..., while during the summer the most beautiful pearl of the valley, Lake Bohinj, invites bathers, and with the Sava Bohinjka River, kayakers and fishermen as well.


Winter Challenge - an active teambuilding

In winter time nature changes colours and creates a whole new range of possibilities in means of team-bonding experience. Low temperatures and white snow provide an environment in which ice can become a building material and where a solid ground is in fact a slippery surface, putting a team-effort to the test and pushing team-members to their limit. One cannot overcome the obstacles, but a working-together team can!

First of all you will have to make the equipment needed, using what can be found around you. If you fail to make something, do not worry - creativity, along with the out-of-the-box thinking can still help you overcome the challenges you will face on your way across the winter land. Using either a professional cross-country skis or snowshoes, made by you, this journey can be either more physically or more mentally intense.

So, will you use more of your body or more of your mind? It is all up to you!

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