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Ideas in December


Spa for common people

Spas are written deeply into Slovenian genome. From the very early age the parents took us with them to different spa resorts. For the kids it was of course just a fun water playground, but the parents could relax during the weekends. Then it continued in the school days where kids learned how to swim and have a great time children's water-parks.

Totally apart from family experience is using the spas for a well-being, beauty and health purposes. In the last 20 years we have noticed the tremendous development of this field. Last but not least is the medical treatment as one of the key services of Slovenian spa resorts. 

It is not a coincidence that even rock bands were inspired and took a spa theme for their song . The title "Pojdi z menoj v toplice" can be translated "Let's go to the spa together" encompass Slovenian attitude to spas, spiced up with love story. 

Gregor Levič



Conventa 2013

The Conventa way of doing business is based on the simple concept that face to face business interaction is the most effective way of imparting information, learning about the objectives of the planners, events and providing the platform for discussing the best way of concluding business. Thus it’s no surprise iDMC will be attending Conventa as an exhibitor on January 16.-17.

We are already making appointments. To make sure you have one booked, contact us on info@idmc.eu.


iDMC Winter Programs

We are ready for winter and we have 8 interesting teambuilding programmes to offer. »Spark in the dark« is all about the science and there is a lot of science experiments to experience. »Martini on the rocks« is about mixing coctails and having good time. In »Journey to the centre of the earth« you will experience underground adventure. Not much to add about »Masquerade karaoke«, fun all around. »Into the goldhorns kingdom« will take you to the brewery where you will learn more about brewing. »Magic factory« will bring out your kind side. In programme »Adventure with torches« you will light your path through the adventure and »Follow the lead: Who did it?« your team will have to find the kidnapper. 

To learn more about the programs or book your on team building program please contact us.


EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia

In 2013 Slovenia will host 38th men’s European Basketball Championship.
It’s going to be a special Eurobasket and the first taste of what’s coming next year was this ceremony. It took place in Postojna cave - the greatest Slovenian tourist attraction and the most visited cave in Europe.

An underground train took the delegates to the great Concert Hall where everything was ready and waiting. Special magical environment did a great first impression. Soon an underground basketball match with legendary Slovenian players took place.  


Garry Kasparov visited Slovenia

European capital of culture Maribor hosted this year's WYCC - World youth chess championship. Special guest of the event was Garry Kasparov.

Kasparov also announced he will open a chess academy named after him in Maribor. This way Slovenia will be an important European chess capital and he will have a chance to visit again.


Slovenia - Diversity to Discover

As you may remember, this was the title of one of the Slovenian official promotional videos a few years ago. The same title can be used for this article about spas – or any other aspect of Slovenia for that matter, whether nature, culture, history, food, wine or something else.

There are fifteen state verified natural spas and thermal spas in Slovenia and several others.Spas use different natural healing factors such as thermo-mineral water, fresh-water mud, mineral bath, fango compresses, sea water and drinkable cold mineral water. And, don't worry – even though these spas take healing factors seriously, it doesn't mean you have to spend all your free time in the medical centre. There's a plenty of possibilites for fun, relaxation and well-being. Natural spas are mostly located on the east of Slovenia – that's where several tectonic plate boundaries are and the thermal and thermomineral waters come to the surface.

Let's just name some of the most known Slovenian thermal spas. In Štajerska and Prekmurje region you can enjoy: Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, with unique black thermo-mineral water; Dobrna –the oldest Slovenian spa, its healing water was first used in medicinal purposes in 1403; Zreče – located not far away from the climate health resort Rogla, where you can enjoy sports all year round in the unspoilt nature; Thermana Laško – offering a variety of treatments, latest being based on beer and hops. And last, but not least – Rogaška Slatina, known for its natural water Donat Mg with extraordinary healing powers. If you want to enjoy healing powers of natural healing factor on the seaside, Slovenia can also offer that. On the Adriatic coast you will find two natural spas: Talaso Strunjan, an exceptional natural climate spa, using thalasso approach based on the use of different sea elements: unique climate of salt-pans and pine tree forest, seawater, mud, algae and sea salt. The other Adriatic-based natural spa is Lifeclass Hotels&Resorts in Portorož – among five of the natural healing factors used here is also thermo-mineral water, unique on the Slovenian seaside.

Whether the vast Pannonian plain, colourful hilly area covered with vineyards, green semi-alpine climate and unspoilt nature or the seaside – Slovenian spas offer a variety of choices. All of the above mentioned resorts also have conference and meeting rooms of different sizes, all equipped with up-to-date sound and video equipment. If you want to combine work and relaxation, Slovenian spas are the perfect choice.

What can possibly be better than a perfect combination of business and pleasure? 


Congress in SPA - A balm for your participants

Creativity, work related performance and productivity are proven to be boosted by an environment, that encourages participants and relieves them from every day’s stress and worries.
 Congresses can take place in many different settings and one of most neglected setting is in SPA. As one thinks of SPA, relaxation and break from work are the first two things that come to mind. Taking this as an advantage for your congress may seem impossible, but we can make this impossible possible.

Surrounded by the nature, many SPA’s feature relaxing interior and many opportunities for work and fun, inside and outside. During the break your participants can use SPA’s venues, e.g. pools with thermal water or sauna, making them more productive and creative during the congress. For work, SPAs are especially usable when you wish to have a congress or an event where your participants have to cooperate and you are looking for solutions together, or when long hours of discussions and presentations demand a huge amount of focus. A touch of nature can add Eco friendliness and a luxury feeling to your congress.  

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