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Ideas for April


The power of Bled and who invented airbag

Last Thursday Bled, Slovenia hosted annual assembly of the Slovenian Convention Bureau. Known for its beauty, charm and good facilities, Bled attracts nature lovers, hedonists, sportsmen, meeting delegates and all novelty seekers. Bled and its surroundings have been and still are a home to famous Slovenians musician Slavko Avsenik, and Olympic athletes Špela Pretnar, Sara Isakovič, Denis Žvegelj, Iztok Čop and inventor Peter Florjančič

Last week it was also home to many ideas which will shape our future in MICE industry. Not only ideas, it was the energy and excitement for business that aligned the stars of participants. After the storming phase of the open debate even the eternal rivals buried the hatchet. Are we ready for giant leap of Slovenian congress industry? 

Bled definitely has power when coming to ideas and making constructive conclusions. Click on some links above to find out how Bled is connected to your car safety.

Gregor Levič

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Let’s do it world!

How iDMC helped cleaned the world…

On 24th of March Slovenia was a part of World Cleanup 2012. Together with Portugal and Tunisia, Slovenia was among the first countries to start with the action. The series of cleanup days will be carried out in more than 80 countries through the 6-month period. The action will end on 25th of September 2012.
Slovenia is currently a record holder in the movement, by engaging 14% of population in the 2010 action. We are curious if we will still hold the record by the end of September and we are proud that iDMC’s team was part of it this year!

Here is a challenge for you – try and beat our record. Find out when the action is in your country and join it. And let us know how it was for you! Let's do it world!

And if you think you are too small to have an impact imagine going to bed with a mosquito in the room!


Bridging the gap with Travel Zoom

Faculty for Tourism Studies – Turistica and marketing agency Go.Mice organized second international conference on Strategic and Creative Marketing in Tourism, Travel Zoom. More than 70 speakers coming from 15 different countries shared their knowledge and ideas throughout the 3-days long event.

Travel Zoom focuses on the skills you need for a successful career in the era of joined-up marketing, how to work with your colleagues for increased campaign effectiveness, effective practices and principals from examples of the best multi-discipline campaigns and strategies, and future trends and their implications for industry.



Do you blog?

Blog happens to be one of the most popular words on the internet these days. You can create blogs for personal reasons, educational and informational reasons, business and corporate reasons or anything else that you fancy.
Blogs are an excellent method to share a company’s expertise and connect with potential customers. And best of all – it is a low cost tool. So, why don’t you blog?

We are passionate about what we do and we want to share it with you, so check out our blog – the iDMC way! 


Bled Experience - active team building program

Become part of Slovenian tradition and experience the best of what Bled has to offer.

Fresh alpine air, island with the church in the glacier lake, breathtaking view from Bled castle and hearty smiles of the locals could be the scenery of your next incentive event.

Bled Experience is an active program which will allow you to explore Bled in a unique way. Enjoy rowing in characteristic Pletna boat while gliding towards the treasure Island. This active program will offer you a different kind of Bled. Row, enjoy, taste and experience Bled!

We have prepared a great offer for you in colaboration with Hotel Golf**** so do not hesitate to contact us at info@idmc.eu and ask for 'iDMC Bled Experience'.


Bled - The Alpine Pearl

A beautiful natural resort lies in the Julian Alps. Surrounded by mountains the alpine lake also has the only Slovenian island. A church on the island has a wishing bell that by the legend makes wishes come true. There also is a tradition to carry the bride up its 99 steps without her speaking before they can be wed. A good challenge before marriage!

Fresh vivifying mountain air, the reflecting mountains in the thermal lake water and its pure surrounding nature are a doorstep to the nearby Triglav National Park. The nature is so raw and untouched here it almost needs protection!

It is known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations that royalty, sports enthusiasts, families, young, old and all of their friends enjoy. A great get away place where you can rest from the noise of the city and enjoy its famous desert a delicious vanilla and cream pastry that locals call ‘kremšnita’ in English ‘cream slice’.

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Save Lake Bled - a CSR team bonding program

Bled and its lake have a long tradition as a tourist destination. It is a place, described as an Alpine pearl, a must see place that either a king and queen or a peasants can enjoy. But numbers of tourists with their careless behavior are putting this beautiful resort in danger. In small eco-teams you can help to prevent this gem from turning into a dead puddle. Help raise the awareness, do chemical and biological analyses of water and soil in an exciting manner in a beautiful Alpine valley. While enjoying green nature and a clear view to an island with a church in the middle of the lake and surrounding mountains, gather ideas and take notes of what could be done to prevent this peaceful place from turning it into grey and filthy land. Use techniques that were used in the middle ages and more modern ones, to give back to nature. Oh, and do not forget about the fun!

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